Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Again didnt really feel like going to class.

Well had math 11 today. It was ok I guess. I still understand the lessons. I just hope that when the long tests and the finals come I'd still be able to remember and undserstand them...

Went to the range to shoot hhaha, After one week of not holding a pistol I guess I was bound to suck ahaha. My hand was trembling, my shot was scattered and without direction, hehe A good thing that the try-outs is still late September so that means I still have time to improve.

Then went to the cov courts to play. After some basketball with Vanjo and his IAC teammates I went to watch the N vs N1 basketball game. I guess I got kinda bored hehe not to mention envious of watching them play that I just played some soccer with Vanjo and his friends.

That's where it happened, when I was trying to play with the ball I did a move and stepped on the ball. I twisted my right foot and now I can't move it that well, It is quite painful damn. Hehe I guess I shouldnt play soccer when Im wearing basketball shoes ahahaah.

Then we had our filipino class. We were discussing a poem that was written by our classmate. For some reason I had an idea on who the classmate was. Delcenore Dunford II turned out to be Michelle Castillo and I was right ahaha.

After the Class I met up with Val and gave her the book Heart of Darkness. And then I decided to go home early.

It was pretty hard limping along katipunan to the megatren station. I should have taken a trike but then I thought that the injury wasnt that bad. When I reached home, I was pretty early so I just slept first hehe. When I woke up that's when the right foot hurted the most. It's been somthered with painkiller thingies now so it doesnt hurt that much, but I do wonder if I'll be able to play tomorrow...

Thought for the day:
just you and i can find the answer,
and then we can run to the end of the world...

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