Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Yeye wednesday, It's quezon city day tomorrow so that means I wont have classes Yeah!

I received the grades of my midterms and my feature article essay for english. My midterm grade was pretty ok (40/50) but I wasn't happy about my essay grade. I was only able to get a C+ for the paper I submitted. Oh well luckily we are allowed to revise the essay that we made. I think with the suggestions given I would be able to make something worthy of a B to an A (hehehe I can hope right?).

We had a free cut in literature so Yeah! hehe I went to the caf and played some cardgames. First played some monkey-monkey with my english blockmates and then with khristian and his zoo blockmates. After lunchtime I went to the physics room only to find out that we have another free cut fotr the day hehe.

So I went to the library and finshed reading the book "Naomi". It was a great book, but then the ending did leave me a bit hanging. I guess I spent about an hour or so in the library reading the remaining parts. And after reading it. I went to the covered courts for my pe.

I was a bit early so i played some basketball with pat first. After that we had a test in pe. I guess I did pretty ok since I knew some of the rules in volleyball. After PE I played a little bit more basketball and broke some of my nails while playing damn.

After that I went to the HR Ga of ACtm. I met a few people and played in the game but I wasnt really able to stay since I had to go and prepare for the debate thing for english block.

Well the debate sucked for me. I choked when it was my turn to speak. I wasnt able to say my thoughts clearly. We were totally outclassed by our opponents. I guess it was also pretty difficult since we were on the affirmative side of something that i dont agree upon so i dunno ahaha oh well i really really hate losing.

Thought for the day:
Can You Be My Shining Star Tonight?

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