Thursday, August 26, 2004

2 in a Row!

I went to school today!

...There were no classes!

I woke up kinda late considering it was Thursday and I have a 9:00 class. I didnt realize that there were no classes so I still got up and went to Ateneo. I actually entered the school grounds but then I realized that there was no one ahaha kinda stupid.

I just called up MM and hanged around in the ISO dorm. I chatted with her a bit and then left for home ahaha. On the way home Pat texted me about a galleria trip. At first I was willing to go, but as soon as I reached the house I felt tired and bored so I just told them that I won't go.

I was asleep most of the time. But when I was awake I played Shining Force. I was able to finally finish the game hehe yehey!

Anywayz, chatted til late night again I think there would be classes tomorrow!

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