Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ateneo vs La Salle (part 2)

Today is the second round of Ateneo vs La Salle. And I have lowerbox tickets ehehe.

I woke up pretty late. I guess I got up at around 11:45 already. Maybe it's because I slept 5:30 hehe. So after a quick bath, I went to Millenium Cafe and had my stuff for english and filipino printed since i didnt have a printer. Then I went to a photocopying shop to have my filipino poem copied for the class.

After that I went back home to deposit my stuff. I played some games first since I didnt really live that far from araneta. I was thinking that I would arrive late since I didnt really want to watch the first game. But then I decided to goearly for some reason ehehe.

Then I saw Alden. I went around with him a bit and met up with Ishi and Mica. We had to split up since we had different tickets so oh well. When I entered the coliseum I was thinking that I would remain a neutral fan. But of course I didnt realize that being neutral wouldnt be easy.

During the course of the game, I kept on cheering for la salle. But then I wasnt really la salle all the way since I found myself cheering for ateneo as well. Although I felt happy that La Salle won, I did feel some hmm sadness that my school lost.

I guess that's the thing with me now. I can never be a complete winner (or loser) whenever Ateneo plays against La Salle (at least in Basketball). I find myself cheering for both schools and of course one of them is bound to lose in order for someone to win.. Hayy

ANywayz, Im gonna do some highlighting stuff for my english thingie now, so I guess I'll blog again later.

Thought for the Day:
D..LS...U Animo La Salle/ Go Ateneo One Big Fight!

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