Sunday, August 15, 2004


Yesterday was filled with so many activities hehehe.

I woke up at around 4:30 am since I had to go to ateneo for the exposure trip thingie. I arrived in ateneo at around 6:30. I saw James, so we just went around the campust together. We went to the cornfields and waited for our other blockmates hehe.

We left the school grounds at around 7:40. We rode a jeep to antipolo. The trip was pretty much ok. I was in a jeep containing Me, Euric, Micho, Michelle, Jelena, Micci, Ralph, Hans, Miah, Pao, Loren and the three AB IS people (sorry forgot their names except for Aldo). We were having fun inside the jeep until we recieved a text that the other jeep containing our other blockmates broke down.

Our jeep dropped us first in pan de manila and returned to fetch our other blockmates. We ate ice cream, chicharon and of course pan de sal and kidded each other that this was already the feeding that we were supposed to do. Instead of feeding the children we were feeding ourselves ehehe.

When our jeep came back. We resumed our trip to the place. The place was kinda far, almost on the outskirts of town already oh well. It was a small hmm village that was really battered. It was really poor and it really lacked some of the basic stuff that people need in order to live a "liveable" life.

I got paired up with an 11 year old kid named romalyn. At first she was very shy and wasnt too keen in speaking to me. BUt I guess I was able to finally make her talk so we did bond a bit ahaha. During the feeding part I guess she wasnt really that hungry since she didnt go for a second serving. After that we went inside the day care and played with each other. We played tongits with the other kids and some of my blockmates and I guess we were pretty good since we won hehehe. After a little bit mor talking we went back to ateneo. The trip back home wasnt really that eventful since most of us were kinda tired from waking up early after the midterms so most of us in the jeep were asleep.

When we reached ateneo Ralph, Pao and I went down at the gate and walked to mcdonalds. Pao went somewhere else though so Ralph and I were the ones left. Hehe I guess the two of us bonded a bit and talked about some stuffs ahaha. Michelle and Khristian also came to mcdo afterwards and the four of us chatted a bit. Then Ralph's groupmate Sophia came and ralph had to leave our company. I guess this seemed like a good time to leave so I went up and left and headed for home.

When I reached home I guess I was too tired so I just slept. I guess I was asleep from 2:00 to 5:00. When I woke up I guess I was very fortunate to turn on my yahoo messenger since it was where pat told me about Ishi's Surprise party.

So I quickly texted Pj and took a bath. We were supposed to meet at Gale so that Pj can pick me up and we can head to eastwood. I was able to go to galleria at around 6:05. i was earlier than Pj so Pj just asked me to buy the cake. Hehe we bought a blueberry cheesecake for the party thingie. Then pj arrived and we were off to eastwood.

We met up with alden, mica, pat, da, jp,cat and mela. We were going around thinking about where we were going to eat. Then Angeli came followed by Anj and then I thought we were complete already. We decided to go to Westlake. Then we were notified that Ishi was there already. We were pretty much excited by the surprise thingie but suddenly it rained! ahaha i guess the rain kinda dampened the surprise effect when Ishi came but it was a neat surprise still.

After that we were supposed to go to dampa to eat. But well the rain kinda made it hard for us to go there. Ahaha Hassle pala ang eastwood kapag umuulan. Anywayz I rode in Alden's car with angeli, jp and cat. We had a great time joking with each other there until we finally reached dampa.

At first I was kinda hesitant to eat since Im really not much of a seafood person. But then the Baked tahong was great so I just indulged in the seafood thingies haha.

Now that I look at the things i wrote about Ishi's party thingie, I guess its too lacking hehe. It wasnt able to show the fun that I had during that time. All the jokes and stuff. Hehe I really enjoyed it. Oh well hehe. Happy Birthday ISHI!

But then I guess the day showed a huge contrasts between the lives of the people here in our country. During the morning when I was in the exposure trip. I was able to see the very difficult lives of the people there. But then when I was in Eastwood I saw how people can live extravagantly and live very comfortably. I guess there really is something wrong, something very wrong when there is such a big contrast in the way the people are living...

Thought for the day:
And all this time I act so brave, Im shaking inside...

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