Friday, August 06, 2004

Breaking the Ice...

Yeah! Finally it's Friday!

English was ok, I listened to the essays of my blockmates and its making me more and more ashamed of my own work. I guess I'll just use it as an inspiration so that when I revise my work it would be a whole lot better.

My literature class sucked big time! We had a quiz on comparing Candide to 19th century Philippine Literature. Although I have read the novel and had a little understanding of the characteristics of the literature during the 19th century, I still found it quite difficult to compare and and contrast the two of them. I guess I'll flunk that test darn.

I went to faura early and saw Butch. I got a couple of stories by Juichiro Tanzaki (or sumthing like that ahaha) and I guess they're pretty well written. Maybe Im just a bit biased since it tackles japanese culture thingies but then they really are pretty great. I guess I spent most of the time in Physics lecture reading the book darn im really rude at my teacher tsk tsk.

After lecture we had physics lab. But since the doors were locked everyone thought that it was a free cut, but after about 20 minutes the prof came so we had lab activity with almost half the class missing. But then people came back to the room, except our groupmates so we just decided to merge with another group haha.

After that I went to the caf with khristian. I met his friend Muti and well Im kinda regretting that i did ahaha joke. Muti is an Amazon! wahahaha well my arm is still hurting from her pinching and slaps ahaha. Kinda like Maricor. I wonder why all my shs friends are like that hahahaha.

I also met Billy! Finally Ive seen him after a long time hahaa. It was great since it was also his bday today. Happy Birthday Bill!

Then off to the Colayco Pavillion for the dg. I guess it was pretty ok, I met some of my chatmates ahaha. Had some fun at the breaking the ice game and we actually won so it was all good yeah. Too bad I couldnt stay and finish it since we had the play thingie for Filipino oh well hehe.

The play Bombita was pretty great. Very funny dialogues. It was a very funny comedy although sometimes there are corny lines but the way the actors portrayed it it still turned out ok. Too bad I wasnt really able to fully grasp the ending but still I cant say I did not enjoy the play.

The only bad thing about the play was that it finsihsed at 9:10 ahaha. I was almost running to the mrt station only to find out that it was closed already. I met Riva and we just rode a jeep home instead. Oh well I really thought that the Mrt was still open until 9 50m, and I reached the station at around 9:30 ahaha oh well a lesson learned I guess.

Thought for the day:
Crushes?...Chijin no Ai

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