Friday, August 13, 2004


Math midterms RARRR!!!!

I went to B-309 kinda early. I was hoping that the classroom would be empty so I can study some math. Well that wasn't the case since there was a class being held there already oh welpz. We just had an activity in english about fallacies. But then it was also the time when I was suddenly put in the list for the debate thingie hahaha oh well, Van and Sleena seem good in debating so I guess they would be able to carry me during the tournament.

During literature we just had a class discussion, I was stealing some time in LIt by studying a bit for my midterms though hehehe. Our prof in physics was kind enough to dismiss us early but then we still had a lab class afterwards.

We were hoping that we would have a free cut for lab since the teacher was not there. Unfortunately for us ther was a substitute so we still had to do some lab oh well darn.

After physics i went to the caf to do some last minute studying hehehe. I guess I really wanted to do well for my midterms.

I think I failed the midterm test that I took. though it was not really that difficult. I guess I just succumbed to the pressure that's why I didn really do well. I just hope that sir Briones would give me a whole lot of partial points for my solutions wahahaha.

After the damned midterms I quickly went home. On the Mrt station I saw some of my math blockmates so I talked a bit with them. Upon reaching home, I went online to chat hehe. I saw anix online and I guess I just teased her until around 12. I disconnected pretty early since I had to sleep coz Im going on an exposure trip tomorrow oh welpz.

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