Monday, August 09, 2004


Today I got my first taste of midterms.

As usual I went up to my classroom very early. I saw that there was no one using the room so I just went inside and sountripped. After about 30 minutes or so, the people started coming in and class was about to start. We were scheduled to have our english midterms today, but since ms. sideco said that there was no need to study , I didnt do anything for it ehehe,

Well the test was pretty ok. There were some difficult parts but overall it was ok i guess. I think i did pretty bad in it even if it wasnt that hard. I guess my mind wasnt in the right state when I took it so oh well.

We had a free cut for literature so I just went to the library and read some stuff. I was kinda frustrated that the Book Naomi (true title:Chijin No Ai) was not yet returned, So I just picked up another book and started reading until I got tired ahaha. So I went to Faura and met up with Pat and well he treated me to a pizza and drinks wahaha, so thanks Pat. After that I went back to faura for my physics class.Well it was very boring ahaha (rarr I guess I havent said anything else about it) but at least this time I was awake.

After physics we had Intact, During intact it was announced that we were going to have a reach out thingie on saturday. After intact I went down to the University press to buy my book for our filipino class. It was a book that contains two stories hehe so it was pretty expensive oh welpz.

Then we played our first game for the tournament in pe. Unfortunately for us, we lost to our opponents big time rarr I hate losing oh well rarr.

An off handed thought. I guess the term "midterms" doesnt really hit me as the term for the tests that are taken. I guess its literally the middle of the term and it amuses me that I have already reached this time as a college student. it's fun since I enjoyed the 1st part of the 1st semester, I just hope that it wuold be the same for all the following sems in my college life. :)

Thought for the day:
Maybe some things are that simple...

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