Sunday, August 29, 2004

Steppin out on an Ordinary Sunday

Slept at 3 am then woke up at 8. damn

Had to rush to go to mass. Of course I came in late well actuallty very late oh well ehehe. After the mass the whole family went to kfc to eat breakfast hehe kinda like eating out with them. Its very rare that my dad is here in manila so its not that often that I go out. hehe of course eating out with the family means food without me paying for it wahahaa.

After that we went to shopwise to buy some groceries. It didnt really take that long since we already boguht most of the stuff yesterday. After shopping I got the grocery bag and went home already. I guess I still needed to fix some intact stuff. I typed a bit and well it's done ahaha.

I went to Ali Mall to have it printed. After printing I strolled around a bit and finally found another store which sells the unlimited prepaid internet card ahaha yehey. Now I'm back online! ahaha

Then went home and chatted my life away hahahaha. Well not really, I guess I did do some schol work by downloading study guides for Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Dont get me wrong Im really someone who loves reading but then the novel is too detailed and too image rich that it gets hmm shall i say satiating and boring reading it ahaha.

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