Friday, August 20, 2004

Midterm Advisory...

Yey thank God it's Friday!

I woke up kinda woozy since I didnt really have that much sleep. I was up all night revising my feature article essay. I didnt want to stop since the ideas might dry up so I just worked on and on until I realized that it was 2:00 am already oh welpz.

We had a test during english class. It was about the fallacy thingie. It was an "open-notes" exam but then I didn't have notes. Luckily it was by partners so we were able to get a copy of the notes. We were able to score 17 out of 20. Not bad I guess. hehe Then we had a discussion in lit class. It was pretty routine though so its really nothing to talk about.

After that we had our physics class. During the first part of the subject we had an exercise of some sorts. Since it was an individual thing I had to stay awake. After the exercise thingie there was a lecture. Now even if we had a different teacher I still found myself falling asleep so maybe its not the teacher or the subject hehe maybe it's just me.

Then since it was friday there was a physics lab thingie. We went to the lab and found out that it was locked. We waited for about 20 minutes and then left. Hehe Yey a free cut in lab!

I then headed to bel for my midterm advisory grade. Well I was quite disappointed to see that there were only three grades in the paper. Oh well at least the grades were not bad A B in physics a C+ in math and another C+ in Fil. Oh well I don't think I can base my grades there though since it is very much incomplete oh well.

I waited for some of my other blockmates to finish their nat sci labs. Then I went with Muti and hanged around the caf a bit. We were talking bout some stuff until her ride fetched her. When I was alone I hooked up with my HS friends and chatted a bit. After a few minutes I decided to leave the campus already.

I'm supposed to be doing a Filipino poem but I don't have inspiration yet oh well. Hehe maybe tomorrow(later) I'll do it hehehe. I guess I'll get some inspiration from the boysbe anime series that I'm watching while typing this. oh well...

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