Friday, August 27, 2004


Didnt feel like going to school today

Well after a two day break i guess its pretty normal to say that im too lazy for the last day of the week ahaha. But well there's classes so I had to go.

Had a test in english, i think we didnt do well in our test. We cannot find the proper fallacies in the article given to us oh welpz. Then we had lit. well I dont know just discussed some lit stuff (duh?) then Physics ahaha thermodynamics thingie! Yehey I got a perfect score thanks to the ideas of Iking Feleo and Ms. Yky Boncodin. Then we had Lab which was pretty ok, As usual I was no use to my group except for some very minor answers.

Then I waited in the Zoology lab. I was talking with Chino, Khristian, Muti, April, Joan and Tal. Hehe just playing around with them and wasting my time. I was actually waiting for Khristian since we would go to the Idg later in the afternoon.

I went to the IDG. It was ok but there were some parts that I wasnt able to see ahaha. I left at around 7:30 and got home by 8. Then I chatted as usual ahaha. hehe pretty boring day

Thought for the day:

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