Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Connect the Dots

I was too lazy to go to school today but well we have a physics exam so I had to go.

When I woke up, I saw that my fone had a message. It said that we had a free cut for english since our prof. had allergy. I was kinda happy since we also had a free cut in Literature so that means that I can go to school as late as 12:30.

But for some reason I went to school at my normal time. Knowing we had a free cut I just decided to stay on the different classsrooms of my friends. I went to Alden's classroom and met some people hehe. Then Alden said he wanted to go to the speed room so I just decided to follow him.

In the speed room, I saw Anix and her friends, kinda fun since I was chatting with them already but I really didnt know how they looked like. I guess they were too busy studying for something so I didnt bother them hehe. I also saw my english blockmate Gino and talked to him for a bit until Alden decided to go back to his classroom.

After an hour or so, it was physics time. It really wasn't that difficult but I didnt study so well I think i flunked that test. After that some Pe lecture on volleyball rules and off I go to the ACTM ga.

I guess I had some fun at the Ga. I met some really cool people there. I also saw my blockmate's crush and then I kinda realized why He had a crush on her. She's really pretty ahaha I hope my blockmate goes for her. Ahahaha oh well.

I guess my blockmate had some fun moments too after the ga, An incident at the cervini caf would really be a pretty good memory ahaha. I font think im at liberty to discuss it though oh welpz.

After the Ga I hitched a ride with Jace to the mrt station for the ride after that Im home.

Here at home, Im starting to brush up a bit on my math since I dont really know the lesson. But im getting too lazy to study so Im just online instead oh well.

Thought for the Day:
Dyin' Inside to Hold You...

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