Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Foot problems

Wednesday means PE and I have an aching foot ahaha darn.

was kinda late for english ahaha, I didnt wake up early enough ahaha oh welpz. The day was pretty normal just some discussion stuff.

When physics was over, i went to the cov courts to shoot some hoops. Although I had an aching right foot I still shot and played ehehe. I guess it just got too boring to wait for Pe to start so I still forced myself to play. It is kinda hard to shoot using just one foot for leverage hehe.

Then the basketball that we were using had to be returned so I just joined some gals from Block R in playing cards. I guess I played and played until Pe finally came.

It is quite difficult to play volleyball hehe with a foot in pain. I cannot really put that much pressure on it when serving, and also cannot run as fast as I can in chasing the ball. I also cannot perfrom a toss since I usually do tosses using my feet for force hehe oh welpz.

After Pe, I went to he Actm meeting for the sportsfest. I guess we werent really able to do anything in that meeting since we lacked members ahaha. Oh welpz.

After that I went with Kathy, Rhea and Luigi and headed for home ahaha.

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