Thursday, August 12, 2004

Eve of the math midterms

Ok I was hoping today would be pretty light since tomorrow would be the math midterms.

Well I guess I got what I wished for. Math was basically a free cut, just a review session. Then we had a quiz in Filipino but It wasnt that difficult so I guess it's ok.

I didnt play basketball during the afternoon I wanted to go home early so that I can study for my math midterms ehehehe.

Arrived home around 3:30. I didnt want to dive into math instantly so I decided to play and chat a bit. I guess I procrastinated too much since I was able to start studyin around 7 40 hehehe. I basically just did a run through on my notes and then did some problems. It wasnt pure studying though since I was eating and chatting and reading some other stuffs hehe. I think I finished studying at around 11:00. Oh well I hope this works for tomorrow.

After that I went online to relax and chat a bit. I originally planned to chat for a while and then study my notes again, But of ourse I wasnt able to follow it wahahaha. rarrr

Oh well Goodluck to all who wil take the math 11 midterms tomorrow.

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