Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Chijin No Ai...

The title of this post was taken from the book by Junichiro Tanizaki.

The day started with a math review. We didnt have new lessons but we had a review. I was kinda disappointed that the tests werent returned today. Although I failed that test, Im still curious on how low a score I got. After math

I went over to the Arpt range for my training. my hand is getting more and more stable now but well my squeezing is suffering, oh well I hope things work out well next time. Im really working on my arm now, Im lifting a dumbell almost everyday for 30 minutes just to strengthen my left arm. I hope it works.

After Arpt I went to the cov courts to play some basketball. I guess Im still selfish when I play but Im becoming more and more conscious about passing. Im becoming someone who not only wants to be a great scorer, but a great passer as well. I want to make crisp and exact passes to teammates so that they would be able to score easily hehe oh well.

After playing basketball I went to my filipino class. I guess Im really starting to enjoy this class. I find myself being challenged by the literary works that we are taking up. Our professor, is also quite good in explaining points to us. Although he is moody , he does lighten up quite easily so its ok.

I was supposed to meet MM after class, but she was busy so I just decided to nix the idea. Instead I went over to the library and continued reading Chijin No Ai (Naomi). I guess spent about an hour there just reading the book. Ididnt want to borrow it since I decided that I wanted to read it in the library. Probably because the silence of the library would enable me to focus more on the very amusing story.

Anywayz Chijin No Ai... The book said that Chijin no Ai literally meant a Fool's Love. I guess Bambie and I still talked about it since according to her Chijin meant something like friend. But I looked it up in the online dictionary and found out that it did mean friend but it could also mean fool to so No point in debating about it ehehe. Anywayz, the book said they changed the title to Naomi in the English version since Chijin No Ai, or A fool's love doesnt really sound too good as a book title (oh well I kinda like A fool's love better).

Chijin No Ai - A fool's love. Could it be that a fool's love it is similar to extreme infatuation? Or is a fool's love an addiction? a crush? a case of an unreachable love? I really have no idea. But for me, I guess I wont mind acting like a fool in love. I wouldnt mind being a fool just as she is happy. I guess the only problem is there is no one yet in my life that I would become a fool for. Maybe I am still being quite idealistic or being overly romantic but to someone who hasnt really tasted love, i guess even he would be envious of a fool's love...

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Chijin No Ai

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