Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I started today kinda disappoionted for some reason.

When I was in the classroom reading my book, I was a bit sad. I dont have a reason though. Just one of those days I guess. I was actually thinkin that I would be like this for most of the days but I guess God didnt want it to happen that way.

First off, there was this speaker for our english class. He was speaking pretty well and giving funny examples which actually amused me so it did kinda lift my mood hehe. And then after a few hours, lit came. I guess the momentum of the fun english class. I guess even sir remoto seemed to be in a happy mood ahaha.

After classes I met up again with pat at faura. I had to pay him for the copy of dear boys that he burned for me so I just decided to buy his food. We were going around the campus til we saw the basketball shootout thingie. We decided to play there later haha.

After a while it was time for physics class. The class was ok. Its boring but I was able toforce myself to push the pen in order to write some notes ehehe. I guess the books that Vanjo had were good tools in helping me be awake. Before the end of the class, Ms. Villanueva gave a copy of the midterm grades. I looked and was quite pleased to see that I was able to get a B ahaha. Yay! I hope I would be able to raise that grade to a B+ before the term ends.

After Physics Vanjo and I headed to the Shoot-out area. At first I was kinda hesitant to join in since I might not be able to get past 10 but luckily the guy before vanjio shot a measly 2 so I guess it did relieve some pressure of me. After Vanjo's 9 points came my turn. In the1 minute that was alloted I was able to make 17, I guess it aint bad for someone like me who hasnt really practiced the skill of shooting ehehe.

Then I went to the Cov courts to play some basketball again. After a few rounds of bente uno a guy came up to us for a 5 on 5 game. I participated and was actually very stat conscious during the game although i didnt show it waahahah. I was able to score 4 points out of 11 hehe not bad I guess. My first point came from a steal against someone. I took the ball right in front of him and converted on a lay up ahahaha. Then my next point came with sytyle. It was an up and under move against a taller defender with outstretched arms, after making that shot I guess I got a big boost in my confidence. During the game I was able to make nifty passes but sometimes my teammates were not able to convert so I guess my passses were not really that great ahha. oh well But one thing good during the game even if we lost was that I was able to defend pretty well. I really didnt mind if it was a girl or a tall guy but I kept on "hawking" the ball handler. This led to some turnovers and I'm quite proud of that ahaha.

Then I had Pe. Well we played a game and lost it. WE still dont have a win! My play is getting a wee bit better but I guess my errors are still large. I need to concentrate more and focus ahaha.

After the Pe class. I went to the ACTM math 11 midterms review thingie. I was kinda disappointed that my crush didnt attendbut still the review session was a great learning experience for me. I just hope that I would be able to apply them in my midterm exam.

Then after the review session I went around the campus looking for pat. He told me to go to the speed room but he wasnt there. I did meet Alden, Erica(tama ba spelling?)Bambie, and Anix though. After a lil chat with alden I went out and saw pat with justin ehehe. Talked with them for a little while until Pat had to go home since his ride was there already. After that, Justin and I went back to the speedroom and talked with alden again. After a few more minutes I went home ehehe.

I guess today was a pretty cool day, What I thought would be a depressing day turned into somthing that I really enjoyed.

Thought for the day:
Moonlight Densetsu

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