Sunday, August 08, 2004

ordinary sunday...

Sndays. Usually I just attend mass and then stay at home and chat all day. Well today is no exception.

I went to Ali Mall to hear mass today. I was a little late arriving only during the start of the homily oh well.The priest was one of my favorites but I already forgot his name ahahaha oh well. He's always good in his homliy sermons which makes him my favorite.

Ater the mass I went back home to play some computer games and chat. I guess I got kinda tired of chatting and playing that I just decided to watch the game between FEU and Ateneo. The game turned out to be a great one. At first I thought that it would be an Ateneo blow out win since they were ahead during half time, BUt well feu came storming back and set the game up for a great ending. An La tenorio three-pointer was the basket that allowed ateneo to break a deadlock. Hehe I really like plays where players are courageous enough to take a go ahead basket with the game on the line oh well.

Anywayz after tha game, I just went to the computer to chat and play some more. I have a midterm exam for english tomorrow but my prof said that there's no need to study for it so Im just following her and not studying ahaha oh well.

Thought for the day:
Chijin No Ai...

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