Saturday, August 07, 2004

I Love You Sabado...

I was suppose to attend a General Assembly with the dean but it was postponed so today is a good day to relax.

Started the day playing the computer. But then Pat messaged me about a gale thingie so I now had something to do for the afternoon.

Left the house at around 3, we were scheduled to meet at 3 but i told them that i would arrive late. Kinda funny that when I arrived only Alden was in gale. Oh well haaha Filipino time I guess. We spent the afternoon in the movie theater lobby. We were just standing there waiting for everyone. Everyone means Alden,Anj,Cat,Da,Ishi,Me,Mica,Pat and Pj. When everone came we started talking until they went to Kfc. Pat, Alden and I decided to go sumwer else first. Alden went to neutral grounds while Pat and I went to National Bookstore. We were searching for some books but unfortunate;y for us we weren't able to find it. After that we all went back to kfc to meet up with the everyone.

After Kfc they went to some shops at the second floor. Pat and I left again to grab a copy of Chalk mag. When we returned Cat said that she was leaving already so that's minus one for our group. After that we went around gale again and basically just wasted time looking at the shops hehe. When we were back at the lobby Anj had to leave already so that means another loss for the group ehehe.

We then headed to Pizza hut to eat.Pat took care of the bill so I guess I should thank him here, hehe tahnks Pat We were having such a graet time that we decided to ring the bell after we ate ehehe. Then we were off to Skybowl to play some billiards. I suck at it ahahaha I wasnt able to hit any good shots oh welpz. Anywayz saw Funz on the other table hehe kinda like a chatroom eb thingie ahaha. Well the bill was payed for by Pj so A thanks you to Pj.

When it was time to go home. It was Pj was kind enough to take us home. we were having fun on the way home with the story telling and picture taking thingies going on ahaha. I also found out that mica lived pretty near to my house ehehee. Well anywayz a big thank you to Pj for kindly taking me home.

Thought for the Day:
Only Heaven Knows...

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