Sunday, August 01, 2004

Final Touches...

Sunday is usually the time when I dont go out so I just sit and stare in front of the computer for the whole day.

Again I woke up at around 11 am, I guess my body is really trying hard to make up for all its lost slee[ last week. I started it by putting the finishing touches on my essay. I guess it was pretty easy since it was just a few more paragraphs anyway and the ideas are still quite fresh on my mind. I finished the essay at around 3:00 pm. hehe so I just went online in Irc and chatted until 4:00.

I watched the Up- La Salle game. Dlsu didnt really play that well but they were able to sneak past Up. Too bad for up since they dont have any wins yet. Oh well, at least they are not alone since Nu also has no wins yet but still that game was theirs for the taking haha oh well good thing la salle won.

I was chatting for nearly the whole day yesterday, and today as well. I dunno I got addicted to chatting again hehe. I even visit the old channels that I used to frequent such as #tokyochat and #japan. Kinda fun to see the people that I usually chat with still in the chatroom hehe. I guess I "meet" some nice people thru the network. Of course no one can really take away the perverts and the hackers and the losers in the net but I get to meet nice people in the room most of the time hehe, I think I use Irc as an escape from the real life, coz in Irc im being me without really being me. I know that was a contradicting statement but its the best way i can describe it...

Thought for the day:
Seishun in the Starlight

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