Monday, August 16, 2004


Aww man mondays ahahaha daym!

Usual stuff, we had this class activity for english on fallacies then discussed some stuff. Lit was ok I guess, I recieived my papers and was kinda disappointed at how low my grades were, oh well...

We had a substitute teacher for our physics class. We had a group work thingie. Hehe well at least I was awake during the whole class ahahaa...

Then Intact, nothing much really happened there hehe. I wonder why I even write about it here ahaha.

After Intact I had my Pe classes. Well It sucks, we lost again during the games. Our record now is 0-3. OUr last game was difficult since there were only four of us playing. But it aint really an excuse since even if there were just four of us, we were able to make the 1st set a tightly contested one. oh wellpz. I really hate losing...

Thought for the day:
Wishing on the Sorrowful Star

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