Thursday, August 19, 2004

Quezon City Day

August 19 is Quezon City day, hehe since ateneo is considered to be in qc, then that means i dont have classes.

I woke up at around 7 am, I was supposed to go to lsgh but then I got lazy so I just decided to sleep again ahaha. When I woke up it was 9 am already and we were supposed to meet at 9. hehe i texted Pat and said that I would arrive late but then he said that it was cancelled already so ok ahaha. We are just gonna go to Galleria at 2.

Since it was still pretty early I just played and chatted on the pc. I guess I didnt really notice the passing of time since the next thing I know, it was 1:30 already and I have not taken a bath yet. So I texted them saying I was going to be late ahaha.

Arrived in Gale at around 2:20, saw James and Pat playing NBA live in Netopia. I watched them first and saw how James' Sonics easily defeated Pat's mavericks. After that I played against James. I used Houston and he used the Celtics. Well James was also able to defeat me by a pretty big margin haha oh welpz.

As we were leaving netopia, we saw Iking and now there were four of us hehe. We went to Skybowl and played some billiards. I did have a pretty ok game but well pat and I lost to the team of Iking and James ehehe. After a while Alden came and then there were five of us. We played some killers and well its ok ahaha.Thanks to james for paying.

After playing we went to PIzza hut to eat. I guess we had some fun talking about stuff hehe. I guess in a way we were reminiscing bout high school days ahaha. Oh welpz. Thanks again to james for paying.

Then after some strolling in the mall. James had to leave. The four of us (Alden.Iking,Pat and I) went to linkshot to play. We played 30 minutes of counterstrike ahaha. I know it's pretty old but it was still pretty fun. Ahaha Im not as good as I was before though oh welpz.

I hitched a ride with Iking. hehe we were on his black altis and I guess we mostly talked about cars. haha I really wanna drive my own car. But I guess I still need more practice oh welpz.

Now I'm here blogging and editing my C+ essay. After a while I guess I'll disconnect and study for the test in English tomorrow ahaha. but I really dont know. Knowing myself, i'd probably not study and just chat and play ahahaha.

Thought for the Day:
Every Heart...

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