Sunday, August 29, 2004

Goin to Makati...

Supposed to be a boring saturday...

I woke up at around 8:00 I played some games in the computer and then read some stuff. It was pretty much a very boring day for the most part until I chatted at around 3pm.

There were some chatmates who are gonna meet up at Makati and they asked me to come. At first I didnt want to go since I was too lazy but then most of the people in the house are leaving so I decided to go out too.

When i was in Makati, I spent most of the time going around looking for the Starbux in G3. It's because the text I received was G3, found out later that it was supposed to be GB3 ahaha. Went to Starbux in Greenbelt and met some of my chatmates. I guess I stayed til around 8:30 but then I had to leave since I was going to do somethin else oh welpz... I guess it's too bad since they said that two really beautiful people joined them ahahaha darn

After finishing the things I was supposed to do, I went online in Ym I chatted with kaye til around midninght ahaha had great fun chatting with her. Then I went online in Irc, of course that's where the people started making me envious for not meeting the other people oh well.

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