Monday, August 02, 2004

Finally A Locker!

Mondays! rarr I hate Mondays!

I met a cute girl on the way to my first class today. She was leaving it just I was to enter it ahaha a good way to start the day, don't you think?

I started the day by turning in my badly written essay. After hearing my classmate for her authors chair, O was kinda embarassed at the discrepancy between her work and mine...

We had a free cut in lit so i was able to go around the campus. For some reason I ended up in faura hall. There I saw patrick ahaha and I was able to force him to accompany me in siging up for a locker. It was a good thing too since today was the last day for locker sign ups. After 50 pesos and about 20 minutes, I have rented Locer b2118 hehe. Finally we have a place to put Pat's basketball.

Then we had Physics, As usual I was asleep. I really want to apologize to our Prof for sleeping in her class but it really is very boring.

Then we had Pe. It was our practical exam today. I was able to make 7 of 10 services which was ok. I Sucked in the self volley. I was only able to make 21, damn Im supposed to do way better than that damn!

After Pe I went home already, I guess I was pretty tired so I didnt play basketball anymore.

At home, while I was chatting in ym, I was able to know who the cute girl was wahahaha damn, small world ahaha darn this line is fillled with ahahaha..ahahaha

Thought for the Day:
Say that you love me...

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