Saturday, July 31, 2004


Saturday is usually a rest day for me and well today is no different.

I wkoe up at around 11:00 today. I guess my body was trying to make up for all its I started the day in front of the computer thinking about the topic of the essay that I am supposed to submit on monday for my english class. I came up with an essay about Ice hockey. The topic was already on the back of my mind ever since I heard about the essay assignment so I might as well use it. I was sitting in front of the computer thinking that I would summarize the tournament last october called octoberslam. I was thinking that it would be hard for me to come up with the ideas to write about so I made the essay outline showing the essay discussing the whole event and all of the games that I played in. But as soon as I started wrting a lot of ideas came flowing to my head that I realized that I wouldnt be able to discuss all three games so I just focused on one of them.

As I was about midway through my project. I saw that it was 4:00 pm so I left the computer and watched the Uaap games. I saw the FEU-NU game and saw the foul made by someone with 0.0 seconds left in overtime with the game tied. Oh well tough luck for NU i guess. Then afterwards I watched the Adamson- Ateneo game. I think this was the first time that I watched an Ateneo Game that didnt involve la salle. I saw the whole game, and saw the comeback made Ateneo. I guess it was also the first time that I actually rooted for ateneo. The game ended dramatically with an La tenorio stepback three with around 4 seconds remaining. After seeing that three go in I was quite pleased, haha it's actually a first time for me to be pleased with an ateneo win haha oh well I guss the school culture is getting inside my system now. :)

After the game, my dad asked me to get some medicine from the store. While I was going there I remembered that the Anime cd shop which I often visit was closing. I dropped by to say a quick goodbye to the salesclerks and wondered to myself where I'm gonna go to buy my anime cd's now, but more thatn that I think Im gonna miss Ate Reg since I dont have any "tambayan" in Rustans now hehe. It also reminded me of dataventure, a pc cd shop which was in rustans before. I used to stay there and befriend the sales clerk and even the owner but they had to close too. Oh well I wonder why my tambayans are closing ahahaha maybe I'm a jynx to their stores? hehe

Thought for the day:
I Think I Finally Believe

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