Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sign Up

A very cool day today. The storm is making it wet and cool hehe.

Went to my math class. I was kinda cofident that I would be able to stay in regular math, but I wasnt really feeling that great about my score. I was feeling right hehe. I was able to stay in regular math, but my score wasnt nice. I got a 76 out of a 100. Roughly a C or a C+, I aint sure though.

Then I asked lace to accompany me to the org sign ups area. I went to Actm and signed there. I also headed to the Acil booth. I went there not to sign up, but to talk to joyce abnout her hulagpos book. Joyce was kind enough to sell the book to me for a hundred even if its actual cost is 300 pesos. so Thanks Joyce!

After that we headed to manangs to eat and wait for our other blockmates. Then Ange came and I asked her to accompany me to the Arpt (sumthing like ateneo rifle and pistol team) then I signed up there as well hehe.

Then I went to the covered courts to play some basketball. Luckily I had brought an extra shirt so I was able to really play hehe. I guess I spent about an hour playing before I had to dress up since I still had a filipino class.

Then we had our filipino class. It was ok i guess. We spent it by discussing the course syllabus. I guess our prof is ok just as long as you dont piss him off by doing rude things hehe.

After our filipino class, I then headed to the covered courts to play some basketball again. I really do enjoy playing ball. Haha I think my game's getting better and better since i am able to play it more often now.

I got tired so I just dressed up and headed for home, When I reached the house I decided to go to Sm to buy some stuff. After that it was rest time for me as I just spent the hours fixing my bag and chatting. hehe

Thought for the day:
Minamahal ko siya, ngunit walang magawa.

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