Monday, June 21, 2004

It's just another manic monday

Another boring day.

I arrived in Ateneo around 8:50, it's not as early as it used to be since I was quite lazy to get out of bed ehehe. Spent some time just going around the caf. Then I met Khristian and the rest of our blockmates and then we spent some time talking until classes were about to start.

English was ok. I guess Lit was neat as well. We had our reporting and I guess it turned out pretty ok. After that I had a break then Physics class which was kinda boring as usual.

After the classes I had a break of around an hour and 30 minutes till my next class which was PE. I spent it doing some stuff at the library with Nikki, Lace, Alex and Aby. afterwards I headed for the covered courts for my Pe classes.

Volleyball was ok, I was able to do some things well. Haha but I guess Iwas very rusty and I wasnt really able to perform that well, but I had great team mates so we were able to win one game out of two.

Then after that I headed for home. then I met Victor on the way home, he was with Simon and Kim so I hooked up with them on the way to the mrt station. We used the PWD Elevator since Simon had a sprained foot so we had an excuse. Kinda fun though when the elevator slowed down so much that it seemed to stop when it was near the bottom. It did seem that the elevator was going to be stuck.hehe

I added some links in this site. I think I added Sha's xanga and Xan's blog. hhehe just check them out.

Thought for the day:
Pakisabi na lang na mahal ko siya
(Di na baleng may mahal siyang iba)


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