Saturday, June 05, 2004

Taken away from me...

Had a pretty normal day, in short boring...

I went to megamall yesterday supposedly to skate but then I realized that it was already june 4 and my free skating time coupons were valid only until May 31,2004. darn!

But I still went thinking that I would just play dance maniax at the arcade near the rink. But to my horror they have already removed the machine. Although there was another machine in the mall i didnt like that since it has fewer songs per token in it. damn!

With my trip to megamall already wasted I just decided to head for home. When I reached home well I had nothing to do so I just downloaded some songs and went online in ym and irc to chat with some friends.

Around 3 pm I decided to watch the Pirates of the Carribean vcd. Well the movie was great. Nice fight scenes but the story was kinda flat though hehe.

Then I went online again and chatted with some friends, played some online games and check some email.

and as Im making me this post Ria wanted me to say that she said hi... hehe

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