Monday, June 14, 2004


Today was my first day of classes.

It was somewhat of an easy day, I went to ateneo at around 8 even if my first class was scheduled at 9:30. I went around ateneo and met Alden. We talked for a little while and then he left me because he already has a class. I went to the Caf and I met Angelene. Kinda funny though coz she said hi to me but I wasn't able to recognize her. I ended up saying, "Hi!, I'm really really sorry but Do I know You?" Hehe it was kinda rude but well it was the best I was able to do during that moment. We spent some time talking and then decided to head to xavier hall for us to be able to get our ids. Haha well the Id picture sucked, it was very ugly haha too bad I have to wear it all the time that I am in campus. We then headed to our building since it was almost 9:30. Well the teacher was looking kinda strict but as soon as she talked she seemed to lighten up a bit. The same goes for our fiction teacher. And our Physics teacher as well. Hehe it seems that the roster of teachers that I have is pretty nice. I then had a long break before Pe classes. I was hoping that we would play but I know that today would just be an introduction thingie. Hmm well the instructor for Pe was ok. She wanted to make the volleyball classes fun for everyone. After Pe I hooked up with some of my blockmates and they introduced me to Jason. He was our blockmate who didnt attend the ORSEM so it was my first time meeting him. I Well he is a nice guy, its just that he seems to be very softspoken. Hehe kinda like me I gues (WOEH!!!!)

Well if this is how my life in ateneo would be, I guess I can start liking it. Maybe in time I would look back and say that I really made a wise decision going here in ateneo.

Thought for the day:
You're the reason I stay and now you're gonna leave...

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