Friday, June 25, 2004


Yesterday was a Normal School day...

Went to ateneo. Headed to sec a for my math classes. It was ok i guess, at least up to this point in our lessons, I am still able to keep up with the class and not yet confused. I hope this goes on til the end of the sem (or the year, or my whole college life even).

After math we headed to manangs. We ate lunch there and we also hanged around there singing and my blockmates playing the guitar. It was also cool to find out that Chris listened to some jpop. Thenafter my blockmates' pe classes Barbie introduced us to Kana. She was a foreign student from japan and it was great to talk to her since she knew jpop and she also had this book that translated some basic filipino words into japanese hehe. It was nice reading that since I learned a lot of new japanese words.

After that We went to our filipino class. We finally met our professor. I guess he's pretty strict but overall he's ok I guess. After filipino I headed over to the covered courts for some basketball.

Pat and I played some ball. I guess I was enjoying it cause I didnt realize that It was already 5:00pm when I decided to leave. When I headed for the dressing area, I saw chris and I decided to join him in Sbc before heading for home.

and After a glass of italian soda I headed for home. I guess I was pretty tired since i had been playing sports for 4 straight days and my body aint accustomed to that. So at home, i just chatted a bit and listened to the cd that lace gave me and then I was easily able to sleep despite my insomniac tendencies.

Thought for the day:
Are you my hapiness?

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