Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Last Sunday

Today is the last day before classes in Admu start.

Well I spent most of my week in Ateneo. Hehe the only exception being Sunday and Saturday. Ive had lots of fun in the school. I guess I must thank everyone who made me really feel welcome in the school.

I enrolled last Thursday. I chose Physics as my Science and chose Volleyball as my PE. After that I already headed for home. Then I remembered that some of my high school classmates were planning to go to lsgh to get the cd yearbooks. So after eating lunch, I already headed for Lsgh.

Then I had my guidance testing last friday. I was kinda surprised that we needed pics. Luckily I had one in my wallet. The guidance testing was very boring and everyone finished way earlier thatn the alloted time given for each test.

After the guidance testing my course block decided to go to starbucks. I guess the idea came after the talk that we had earlier about unity in the block. But when we reached starbucks, we found out that the available space there cannot accomodate all of us so we just headed for Seattle's Best Coffee (Hehe I tried the Italian Soda thingie and well it was pretty good). Well a lot of us came, but some were not able to come probably because it was just a spontaneous idea.

Saturday was a rest day for me. I guess I got tired from the ateneo week hehe. So I was just sleeping most of the day.

Ok, now I have a few more hours til I start ateneo classes. I'm pretty excited about my blocks. So ill blab about them for awhile.

First my course block. hehe Block R2, Well this block is composed of many varied individuals. With some being the quiet persons and some being the loud outspoken people. Right now, I guess there is something like factions within the block. With little groups being formed hehe. I guess that's pretty normal since it's just the start of the year. But the block is slowly jelling together. I guess thre trip to SBC being the first step towards it. Yeah maybe now we are not as bonded as Block R or R4 but Im sure soon enough we will be like them. Haha this may sound like Im envious of them, and well yeah I guess in some way I am. But it's for a good thing anyway, I guess that enviousness thingie is the way for us to think about how bonded we should be.

Then my English block. Block R20, well what can I say? haha cant think of any coz except for some people who were already my course blockmates I never really got to know them since we were just together for about a day. But well my crush is there. I guess my other blockmates noticed that she was my "crush thingie" since i didnt really hide the fact anyway. haha I guess another reason to stay in ateneo. haha well she may be the unreachable star but hehe im still trying to reach for it. But Im loking forward to becoming close with this block since it is with them that I start my mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

Thought for the day:
I drive myself crazy...thinking about you

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