Sunday, June 06, 2004


I had to stay at home today! damn boring!

Well the reason I had to stay home was that they were changing the bathroom tiles and well no one was able to use it, so no baths until around 5 pm today damn.

Well that wasnt only the one being renovated, our kitchen was being fixed too. New tiles and everything so we werent able to cook so we just bought food from grill queen.

The house's electric connection was also being fixed, so i had some power outages. I guess that's the only reason why I disconnected.

Well my site is also under renovation, i think im gonna add a background picture on it hehe the site is too simple i guess just one touch of design wouldnt hurt...

Even this blog is still being worked on, i already know the code that im gonna use but i cant think of the proper colors that im gonna apply to them so well its still not finished.

Im actually in a sort of sentimental mood today. I was planning to write something like a solitary cross part 3 but then Vea disconnected and i suddenly felt quite lazy to continue it, maybe tomorrow i would do it.

Thought for the Day:
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