Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Ateneo

Orsem day since minday im hella tired.

June 7,2004 - The first day.

Took a taxi to go to Ateneo. Well I arrived earlier than I should have. I arrived at around 5:45 but the cov courts were supposed to open at 6 30 hehe. Went in and I was the third guy from my block (R2!) who arrived. Haha waited a bit then talked with some R3 people hehe. Found out that one of them was a chatter, and she chatted with me the day before.

Well then most of the block arrived (2 of them were absent) and I guess we are a good bunch of guys. My block is filled with many friendly people. Although some them are quite silent, I guess they will soon open up once we get to know them better. OH on anoter note I must say that our TNT and the Logs were very very nice guys, they can really make you feel very welcome here in ateneo, I guess this applies to all the orsem volunteers.

A part of the orsem was when they were teaching us the cheers, hmm I just dont get it yet. I still think that the lasallian cheers are way better heheheheh! ANIMO LA SALLE!

Decided to go to kfc with Vanjo and we met up with some of his friends. Haah had a great time talking about ATENEO and LA SALLE and then we decided to head for home using the megatren.

June 8 ,2004 - The Second Day:

Used the megatren to go to ateneo. Haha when i went down a guy approached me and asked me if i was an atenean. I said yes and well we decided to go to school together. Then we went to the tricycle station and saw that the line was very long. Luckily my new found korean friend (shin) had a pal who was already way ahead of us on the line and said that we should all go together instead.

I went to my block and hooked up with some of my 4a classmates. Talked about stuff and then decided to go inside the covered courts already. Haha i wasnt early this time so there were already many people from my block who were seated. Waited until the program was about to start and realized that there were only 2 R2 seats in a row of R3 students. haha then unfortunately I realized that I was gonna be alone since Michelle said to me yesterday that she was not feeling well. haha my position made me feel like the "sampid" of R3 haha but it's ok since that's what i was joking with them about anyway.

Then we went to the campus tours. It was nice since I finally got a faint idea of how the school is mapped, I gained some confidece knowing that I wont get lost in campus when the time comes to move around.

Went back to the covered courts, hahaha some trouble though. They were teaching the admu alma mater song wahahaha. Hmm too put it short. I'd rather say Hail to thee our alma mater, Hail! HAIL! HAIL! than Win or Lose it's the school we choose.

Had so much fun in the group dynamics portion of the program. I actually made new friends because of it. I also realized that my class is 30 and that I should not be contented with making just a few friends.

Then the SOMnight happened. It was ok I guess. Some parts were very nice, but some were quite boring. Haha another bad thing was that they actually went over the 7:00 pm time that they gave. haha i guess it was not that bad since im commuting but still hehe. A good thing though was that I was able to see a lot of the beautiful women of the JGSOM! wahahahahaha damn that's very shallow wahahaha.

Walked to the megatren station with vanjo. then we saw James and Deneb and they said that they were going tp buy some shirts for tomorrow in ali mall. And I told them that Ali mall was near my place so I was gonna accompany them, then i realized it was near 8 pm and that ali mall was closed. So i called home and they said that I just go to shopwise instead.

When we reached cubao, we first went to my house to leave my things and get a quick drink then went to isetan (thanks to mama's advice) and bought our shirts. Then they headed for the station and I went to 7-11 first to buy some stuff before going home.


I realized during the orsem days that I am someone who can be makulet but in a controlled way. I realized that I am quite a friendly person, and Im actually getting more and more active with most of the members of the whole class. I guess this is something good that was brought about by my decision to go to admu instead of dlsu. I really doubt that I would be able to become a more open person had I stayed with most of my lsgh batchmates since they know me already as a quiet person. At least here, I start with a blank slate.

Thought for the day:
I am an atenean, but come July 11 until late october - early November:

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