Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The 2nd Day...

2nd day of classes.

Went to ateneo early again. I arrived there at around 7:50 I guess. This is kinda early because my first class was scheduled at 9:00.

Since I was early, I toured the campus a bit. I tried to familiarize myself with the layout of the whole campus. I met some friends but I didnt really join them since we were not really that close with each other. After touring around for a bit, I went to SEC and saw my blockmates. So I stayed with them. It was kinda fun just hanging around and chilling hehe talking about nothing at all but enjoying it. The block got together there and we ended up being around 15 already there so we decided to head for the classrooms.

Well we had math. It was nice knowing that I still know how to solve the easy problems that were given to us. The instructor was ok as well. After math we had a three hour break so we just went to the ORP to buy our math books. I saw Pat and Ishi there so I just joined them hehe. After purchasing our books, the block decided to head for mcdonalds, so we went there and ate. At first it seemed that we wouldnt be able to sit but luckily some people left so we had vacant seats.

After mcdonalds we went to the classroom of our filipino class. We were delighted to know that the room was air conditioned. Well we weren't able to meet our instructor but the replacement gave us a diagnostic test thingie. The test was really quite hard since Im not really that fluent when it comes to deep filipino words.

After the test, I just decided to head for home. While at home, I decided to buy some books that were listed in the required reading. Well I bought candide by voltaire and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, both of them needed for my fiction class.

Today was a nice a day. I guess the block is becoming closer as the days go by. Of course there are some who are not with us during lunches and stuff like that but I think they'll join us soon...

Thought for the day:
You're the reason I stay and now you're gonna leave...

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