Friday, June 18, 2004

The End of the Beginning

Today was the end of the first week of ateneo classes.

Went to ateneo in good time this time. Hehe not too early and not late. I met with Ton and we stayed at the caf reading our english handouts. Then we decided to head for the classes and we met up with our respective blocks and so we split up and joined them.

My block decided to go to our classes and while waiting outside the room I met ate Loizel. Hehe we chatted a bit and talked about how we want to play hockey again but we cant find time.

After english our block decided to have lunch together at the caf but it was kinda full since it was lunch time so we had to split up in two groups. hmm another sign perhaps that the block is becoming more and more bonded.

After lunch I had physics lecture. well I guess our instructor is ok but she does have the tendency to get kinda boring. After our lecture we headed to the physics lab but lucky for us the instructor didnt show up so we had a free cut thingie.

Because of the extra time I had really nothing to do so the r2 people who were in Physics joined up and played some cards. after that I left and headed for the library and read a bit. After that I went around the campus and saw chris and some friends and well we chatted a bit then i headed for home.

Well I can say that I liked my first week in the school. All of the classes that Im in have nice teachers and great classmates. Im beginning to bond well with a lot of the people in all of them. I really hope that this is a great sign of things to come.

Thought for the day:
After all this time,
I have no regret.
You're still my number one!

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