Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Arouch part 2!

Boring school day again!

Headed to ateneo using the megatren (as always) haha and then when I left the train I was surprised to see 2 of my blockmates Lace and Richmond also departing the train hehe.

Then I had english class, well it was ok and then we had lit which was kinda fun because we thought we already had a free cut since our prof was not yet in class and 10 minutes had already passed but then Mr. Remoto came and well we had classes.

After that Physics class. We had a diognostic test thingie. Wow It's kinda fun taking it, since I can't remember anything about High School Physics anymore, and I was guessing at a rate of like 4 out of every 5 questions hehe. Oh well I think they were intelligent guesses anyway (yeah right).

After physics I headed to the library to waste some time since I still had PE classes at 3pm. I went there and read the book "The 5 People you meet in heaven" by Mitch Albom, which was lent to me by Michelle. It's a nice book, I'm halfway thru it and Im really liking it, I guess I'll buy my own copy once I have saved enough money for it.

After that I headed for the Cov Courts for My pe. Well I already had a sore thumb but I decoded to play thru it thinking that I wouldn't really be using my thumb. Well Unfortunately during the game part of the class. I tried to set the ball to my teammate and well my thumb hit the ball and it hurted me like hell. Now I dont have any mobility in my left thumb. It's now hard for me to write. Haha good thing I dont use my left thumb for typing or else I wouldnt be able to chat ehehehe.

Thought for the Day:
Why won't you let me love you before we run out of time?

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