Tuesday, June 22, 2004


A boring school day.

I had math during the morning. it was kinda ok, since I was still able to remember some of our lessons so Im not really left behind or anything.

After that we headed to manangs since it was near the covered courts and a lot of our blockmates were going to have their pe classes there. Kinda fun when there was this little butterfly thingie that flew around our group and Lace was screaming and running around because of it ehehehe.

After that we headed for our filipino classes and well lucky for us, there was no professor so we had a free cut thingie. so I had a lot of extra time so I went to the covered courts to play some ball.

I played in a 5 on 5 game and it was against this guys who were big, well built and well great players, haha I was nt really doing well during the game, just bringing the ball up and acting us point and letting my very great teammate do everything important. Then it happened, I went for a rebound and I jammed my left thumb on the ball. It was painful but I was able to play thru it, but it did affect the way I handled the ball.

After the game I headed for home and then I realized that the injury was greater than I thought I wasnt really able to lift my left thumb, kinda bad since im a leftie oh welpz.

Thought for the day:
Minamahal ko siya, ngunit walang magawa...

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