Thursday, June 03, 2004

Solitary Cross version 1.8

Had a pretty ok day today.

Woke up at around 7 am so that I can go to my last day of driving lessons. I had a 2 hour driving schedule so we had some time in our hands to go to different places. We went to quezon city circle during the drive and I had fun going around the circle 2.5 times, hehe kinda fun to practice there. It's like being in a nascar circuit race with the route being composed of just left turns.

Then I ate breakfast at mcdonalds ali mall and after eating I went up to the theaters to see what time harry potter 3 was showing. It said 12:00pm so i just decided to go home and just come back.

Went back saw to watch harry potter 3, it was ok, kinda nice but if you read the book you might get a little bit confused or maybe you would wonder what happened to some of the events that were written in the book but was not shown in the film.

After watching, I went home and on the way i decided to buy 3 movie vcds. Hehe I bought the last 2 lord of the rings films and also pirates of the carribean. I was also looking for the first spiderman movie, but unfortunately the shop didnt have it in stock.

At home I asked James how far his progress was in the layout of my site and he said its done. And now here it is! I guess Im just gonna ask him to edit the color of the links and then add some more features and it would be the finshed version 2 of Solitary Cross. I really have to thank james a lot for this layout since he spent his remaining vacation time just fixing and editing this layout hehe. This is basically James creative mind working with my only help coming from telling him what base colors to use and what kind of format i want.

Thought for the day:
Loneliness, your silent whisper
Fills a river of tears through the night
Memory, you never let me cry
and You, You never said goodbye
Sometimes our tears blinded the love
We lost our dreams along the way
But I never thought you'd trade your soul to the fates
Never thought you'd leave me alone

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