Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ready, Steady... Go

Today is my last day of vacation.

Well technically it's not. Admu classes start at 14 but then they have this orientation thingie tomorrow until wednesday, then enrollment on thursday, then guidance testing on friday. So it almost seems like classses have already started.

Woke up quite early around 6. I was supposed to go to ateneo using the aurora mrt train thingie but the station was closed down on sundays so I just stayed home until around 10. Then I went to the malls to buy some clothes, haha the thing with going to a school with no uniforms is that I suddenly realized that I didnt have that much shirts. hehe so I bought some clothes but then my mom said that I should try Shangrila for some other choices. And I said that I will go there at around 3 pm.

So I heard mass at around 12pm until 1pm then went home. Ate lunch then went online, chatted with a few friends and well watched some shows. Then I decided to leave for shang.

ROde the mrt to shang and well tried to find some shirts that I like. When I spotted and bought them, I decided to leave shangrila already. But as I was about to go to the mrt station, I saw another station that caught my eye, haha POWER Station. So I just played some games and well I then headed for home.

Now Im at home Im trying to fix some stuff for tomorrow. I guess I'm gonna sleep a lil bit earlier today, haha I am kinda excited and also quite nervous because I dont know what to expect to see tomorrow at the orsem. I guess Im also quite anxious because being in this orsem is somewhat the start of my college life. It is also the beginning of my life as an atenean, haha damn I still feel better being called a lasallian than an atenean. haha I guess the best way to look at it is by saying that being an atenean is not the end of my lasallian ways, it is merely a continuation... (haha yeah right, i'd probably cheering for DLSU in the uaap anyway! ANIMO LASALLE!)

Line for the day:
Say; still love you more...

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