Wednesday, June 16, 2004

So Close

Just like me they want to be close to you...

Third day of ateneo life. Well pretty routine day. Arrived early as usual, hehe met up with some of my blockmates then had breakfast at the caf. Well nothing really happened during the morning.

I had english with my english block, haha kinda funny when kristel came and she was wearing this Black Lakers Shaq Jersey saying that she wore it for support. And the class was teasing her about it. hehe well english class ended with the Pistons winning the championship! so haha too bad for her. I'm actually a Lakers fan, but I didnt really like their chances in the finals. I am a fan but I didnt really believe in them this series (the nerve of me to call myself a fan).

It was also during the 2 classes in the morning that I realized how tiny my handwriting is. At first during English class my prof said that she thought that there wasnt anything written on my seatwork. At first I said that the ink was just light and didnt really consider the size of my handwriting, but when literature came, my proffessor said that he cannot read my handwriting because it's microscopic so I had to rewrite my paper. Luckily Michelle said that She would write it for me since I still write very tiny even if I already tried to increase the size of my penmanship.

Then physics came, kinda fun cause during the physics class, Rey and I were singing close to you for no reason at all. hehe just plain weird.

Thought for the day:
Just like me they want to be, close to you...

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