Friday, June 25, 2004


Today started with a very very wet morning.

It was raining and I left my house at around 8:10. I arrived in katipunan at around 8:20. Thinking that my class was scheduled to begin at 9:00. I decided that I should just walk to ateneo than risk being stuck in the line at the trike station and become late. So I zipped up my jacket and walked my way. When I was at the overpass already, I realized that classes start at 9:30 so I basically walked through the rain and got so damn soaked for nothing.

I entered the english class dripping wet, and a lot of people were telling me, "ui mico wet loook ah" hehe well it was ok since it was true anyway.

After that we went to the caf to eat. It was nice to finally be able to eat at the caf up, finding a place to seat there wasnt really easy, i guess we were pretty lucky to have a free cut which enabled us to head for the caf at an earlier time.

Then we had physics, I guess todays physics class was the most boring since we began. It was the first time that I fell asleep in class. And Cat said I looked funny cause I was sleeping, then writing, then sleeping again.

After the physics lecture we had our lab. We finally met our lab professor, and I guess it was ok. We also had our lab experiments and I guess it enabled me to interact more with the rest of my groupmates and the whole physics class as well.

Then we headed to the Blue Eagle Gym for the Cheer rally. I wasnt really that excited about it. As I said, I'm still more of a la salle fan than an atenean. Well it was ok i guess. Except for the long and disorganized lines for the Pe attendance stamps and signups. There was also the game between the Ateneo Legends vs. the ateneo uaap team now, I was able to watch the first quarter and half of the second quarter but I didnt really enjoy it. The first period featured a lot of substitutions for the legends team (which I was rooting for) so my Idol Olsen Racela didnt really play a lot when I was watching. When I left the ateneo uaap team was up, and later I found out that the legends team lost by 4. oh welpz so much for olsen racela.

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