Sunday, June 20, 2004


Another boring day

Went out of the house to go to mass. On the way there I decided to go to the photo studio for some 1x1 pics because I might need them for school stuff. so there hehe after mass i went home.

When I was at home I read some parts of our lit book. hmm it was ok i guess haha it contained some riddles and some works in dialects that I cannot understand. After that I decided to just sort some of my music files.

Sorting my files for me, meant backing them up using cd's and then deleting them from my hard drive if I dont like them hehe. Well that took up about 3 hours of my time haha, It's kinda amusing to suddenly realize that I have some mp3's to some very beautiful songs but haven't listened to them since there are so many songs in my playlists...

Well I guess that's everything.

oh, happy father's day to all the dads out there...

Thought for the day:
Why Can't I Love You Again?

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