Sunday, June 27, 2004


very restful but active (?) day.

Woke up at around 8:40. I was thinking that I would attend the 10:30 mass at Ali Mall then head to the theaters to watch the film naglalayag which was a requirement for our lit class.

So I left the house at around 10:20, i arrived at the mass 10:35 so i did miss the entrance part. The priest gavea lengthy but funny homily. He was also singing a lot of songs during it. well anywayz, the mass was pretty quick since the priest spoke pretty fast.

After the mass, I headed for theater. And I was quite mad at the fact that they were not showing naglalayag in ali mall. This means that I have to go to megamall for me to be able to watch it. I didnt like that since I really had no intention of watching nora aunor's movie.

I was in Megamall at around 12:30, I went to the line where they purchased tickets and found out that the movie starts at 1:55 so I had some time to waste. I bought my ticket and then went around a bit. Headed over to the 1st floor area just above the skating rink and saw Jami practicing. It was while watching Jami when I heard the song that would become my thought for the day. Then I went to the fifth floor area and I spotted my block mate ralph with his family, I stopped y to say a quick hello and then left and went to the basement to play at timezone. When I was already in timezone I realized that I didnt bring my card with me, so I just went to Worlds of fun and played some dance maniax. Well Ialready sucked at it, so I struggled a whole lot, luckily I was able to finish it, I say luckily since there was a crowd watching me and I didnt really like the idea of me failing in front of a lot of strangers.
Then I went to the cinema area already since it was already around 1:30. There I spotted James (another block mate) so i talked with him for a while before deciding to go inside cinema 12 for the movie.

Well the movie was ok i guess. It tackled a lot of issues in our society today. It talked about relationships wit large age-gaps, the problems of criminality, and the problem of poverty. I guess it is a socially relevant film, a film which provokes you to think about things maybe this is why Mr. Remoto asked us to watch it.

After the movie I went out already and headed for home since I wasn't really in the mood to go around the malls anyway. As I was on the mrt, passing near ortigas, I got pretty nostalgic when I saw my alma mater La Salle Green Hills. I thought about some things most especially the fact that Im not using my mrt card anymore hehehe since i dont go to lsgh nor do i study at dlsu.

Thought for the day:
I was dying inside to hold you
I couldn't believe what I felt for you
Dying Inside, I was dying inside
But I couldn't bring myself to touch you...

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