Saturday, June 26, 2004

Diagnostic Tests...

A slow and dull day.

I woke up quite late already. I guess My body was trying to replenish all the sleep it had lost because of the school week.
I spent some time looking for my 4th year High school math notebook. I thought It could help me in my diagnostic test in math that would happen in the afternoon. Sadly the only notebook I could find was the second notebook I used during the year. So it had very little notes, and none that can really help me for the test.

After that useless search. I decided to study a bit. I answered the sample test and I guess I was able to get a pretty ok grade when I tried it. After taking the test, I decided to play a bit since it helps me relax.

Then i headed for the school at around 3:20, I thought that I was going to be late, but luckily the trike line wasnt that long (i guess it's because it's a saturday) so i made it in good time.

The test was ok. I guess I was able to answer most of the items correctly, I really hope I pass this test, I dont want to be demoted to math 1 since it would really mess up my schedule.

After the test we headed to dela costa hall to find out how we fared in our diagnostic test in filipino. I guess Im lucky that Im still in regular filipino. I really thought I flunked the test but luckily I survived. I guess I should text Joyce now and ask for her hulagpos book thingie.

My blockmates then decided to head for jollibee to eat. We were haaving fun, joking with each other. And teasing one another. After eating i decided to head for home since it was getting kinda late (well not really).

Thought for the day:
I'll catch you, just fall on me...

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