Tuesday, July 06, 2004


I haven't blogged for nearly a week now, I guess I got tired and lazy!

June 30,2004

A boring day!

I thought that we will have no classes since today was the inauguration of the President of the Philippines. Oh welpz, I guess since it was held in Cebu so it does not really affect the school.

Well we had a normal english class, which is quite boring as usual, hehe its boring but fun (hmm i dont know how you can say that though). Then we had a quiz in Lit, it was about the film naglalayag but it quite hard for me since I didnt really study the film in a way that sir remoto wanted me to. I viewed it thinking about characters and what they did and not really cared about the fictional strategies found on it. Oh well...

Then I went to the Org recruitment area in colayco hall, I signed up for celadon and well that's that hehe. I have an interview on July 1, 2004 (tomorrow) hehe.

Physics was next. Lucky for us our professor wasnt present so we had a free cut. After that I headed to the covered courts already and then played some basketball before Pe, then the instructor came and so I had to go to my pe class.

Well that's it for today. hehe

July 1, 2004

A fun math day. IT's just it was today that I realized that I have misplaced my math notebook so I had to write on pad paper oh well...

After math I went to Delacosta for my Celadon interview. I guess it was pretty ok. I got lucky since Mich was with me during the interview so I had a reason when they asked me why I joined the org. Hehe at least now I have an org.

After that we had the filipino class. Hmm it was very fun haha I even learned a new word. The word is Jantung, haha it means heart in one of those regional languages.

July 2,2004

Yey!! No classes today since it's faculty day.

Went to galle to meet up with some of my friends. I was with Pat and Anj for a little while and then Alden showed up. Hehe after talking a bit in front of the movie house, Anj had to leave and Alden went to watch a movie so Pat and I were left. We went to the arcade and played Some billiards. Then we decided to go to Linkshot to play NBA live. We had a pretty nice game. hehe His team had a double digit lead which I was able to catch up but a jumper in the dying seconds decided the game in his favor.

Then powee and james arrived and we played billiards with them. After that we ate at max. After eating the group already split up. Powee was kind enough to take me home and lend me the Harry Potter book 5 to boot hehe...
July 3, 2004

A very useless day hehe. I just spent it at home reading the harry potter book that powee lent me. I guess I spent around 6 hours just reading the book it was pretty ok, hehe but sometimes I wanted to turn to the last parts of the book to find out the ending already since i got quite curious. After those 6 hours I was in the 27th chapter , 12 more chapters and Im done!

July 4,2004

Another dull day...

I spent the day reading the book and I finished the 12 remaining chapters in the harry potter book. The book was nice, it has a nice mix of suspense, comedy and even a little romance. hehe

After that I went to mass and bought some shirts after the mass. I guess I realized that I really needed some new clothes since I didnt have any uniform in school hehe and I was just rotating around 12 shirts hehe.

July 5, 2004

I hate it when it's monday, haha Im too lazy to get up and study.

I had english class, Our professor told us that on wednesday we would have a test. Damn what news to start the day hehe. After that we had Literature and we needed to meta-critic our classmates paper. Hmm I guess what hindered me from writing a good criticism was the idea that I wasnt able to write anything better, si what right do i have to criticize his paper? hehe

Then we had physics class. It had no improvements as far as boredom is concerned hehe. I saw some blockmates head's bobbing already fighting the urge to sleep. We then had a quiz there haha I think i failed that quiz since I was really unprepared and my mind doesnt work really nice when im that bored hehehee.

Then we had intact classes, I guess more bad news, we have to go to the school on saturday for the guidance testing thingie oh well...

Then I went to the covered courts to play some basketball and then i had pe classes. After pe I played basketball again with some of my blockmates. Then Pat came and we played some 1 on 1 hehe then I headed for home since it was nearly 5:30pm already and I wanted to have some rest

July 6, 2004
Had my math class today, the prof said we were supposed to have a quiz but it fizzled so we just had lectures and exercises hehe. After math i went to the Arpt for my interview. There was more bad news when I was there. There would be an Orsem for the arpt training on Sunday so that would mean that I would stay in ateneo for the whole week man!!! no rest for me i guess hehe...

Then we had our filipino class, it was fun even though we started the period with a short quiz. Hehe I guess I did pretty ok with the quiz anyway since I listened during thursday's discussion.

After filipino I went to the covered courts to play some hoops. I guess Im really getting a lot of exercise since it is almost everyday that I play ball hehe.

A bad thing though, the katipunan station of the mrt had some trouble. Its no problem when Im going home since I can just ride the jeep, but I still wonder how I am going to go to school tomorrow Oh well...

Thought for the day:
I just wanna be with you now,
no matter the distance between us,
If we start now we can make it...
I wanna be with you

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