Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Under Construction

Went to the lsgh to distribute some cd yearbooks...

Turns out that the cd yearbook has not yet been delivered, they will deliver on monday. So we just decided to leave early.

Went to Robinsons Galleria with James, Alden and Pat. Went up to top floor and then saw Anj and Da sitting in Ice Monster. Then we decided to eat at Yoshinoya. We met Powee as we were about to leave. Went back upstaris and this time saw Ishi with Da and Anj.

Alden then went home to leave his yearbook. Then James left the group and headed for the arcade. Pat, Powee and I stayed for a little while then decided to follow him as well. Alden soon followed us, hehe they played billiards while i played run and gun2 haha it was kinda fun playing that old game after a long while.

Then headed for the mrt station with Powee. Powee was going southbound to Starmall, while I was going northbound coz im heading for home. So we split up as soon as we reached the station.

Arrived at my home and decided to edit this blog. I asked James to add a little window for an about me part and now I'm working on it. Im thinking of things to put in that place on your bottom left corner and also of a good color scheme for that littl part. I guess I'd be finished with it later.

Thought for the moment:
Hey she's pretty, too bad she's taken already...

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