Thursday, October 21, 2004

White Chicks!

Haha for the past few days, my blog titles came from movie titles.

I wasn't really plannin on leaving the house today, but then I got a text from Pat asking if I wanna go to Galle. Well I had nothing to do in the house so I went.

James, Pat and I met up. We were still waiting for Powee so we just went to skybowl. We saw Tope,Gelo and Ralph there hehe. Played for an hour hehe. I did ok in the last few games...

Powee arrived and we decided to watch a movie. We watched White Chicks. Hehe kinda cool although it seems quite unrealistic since they were able to fool everyone just by the prosthetics oh welpz hehe still pretty funny though.

Then we ate at shakeys ahaha. The waiter (Julius) was quite neat ahaha. According to James, that guy seemed to be a model waiter.

James' Brother took us all to our homes, I finally saw where pat lived ahahah.

Finally some fun in my sembreak...

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