Thursday, October 28, 2004

Free your Mind (err hard disk space)

Had plans for today but it got cancelled because of the economic crisis ahaha....

So I just stayed at home and continued the conversion of the Mp3 files. I guess Im about 2/5 done hehe. What's making this work long is the continuos downloads of new songs and the slow speed of my computer ahahaha. Damn I really need a New PC. haha My bday's comin up ahaha I hope my dad gives me a new one.

Talked to Sara on the fone again. La lang I had to mention it coz aside from chatting and backin up the files that's the only thing Ive done today ahaha.

My Ninang gave me an Adidas bag for my bday. Kinda timely since the bag i used for school ain't operational anymore ahaha. Mr. Quickie Can't fix it. I was supposed to buy today but luckily I stayed home ahaha. Thanks Ninang.

Im buying a sun sim tomorrow ahahaaha...

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