Friday, October 01, 2004

Non-Stop Megamix...

Friday, darn another consultation for our research paper...

Arrived a little early in Ateneo. Went to the library and had some notes photocopied for the group. I saw Rupert and Gino there so I talked with them for a while before going to delacosta for the consultation.

Ma'm said that our introduction was ok But it could use a little bit more revision since it's a little weak. The consultation was kinda amusing since ma'm kept on teasing us "Ang Yabang Niyo" hehe since La Salle won in Uaap basketball. Anywayz, I guess we stayed a bit longer than we were supposed to since we had to hurry for lit class.

Arrived about a minute late for lit class (around 11:31). What's funny is that of all the time that Mr. Remoto would pick to be early in class he picks today hehe. Mr. Remoto has this knack of arriving at least 5 minutes late but today he was quite punctual ahaha damn. Anywayz, I liked the discussion we had today. The mood is no so light in lit class. haha "the end is near" is not so bad hehe. since everyone seems to be light-hearted now. Well except for math but that's another story...

Free cut in Physics! While most of the class left, my blockmates and I stayed in the classroom since it was hot outside and we still had lab anyway. While we were talking our professor suddenly comes in and tells us that she was late ahaha anywayz, lab was basically also a free cut. we just did a teacher's evaluation and that was it.

Went home early. I just started the computer and finished downloading the Initial D - Non Stop Megamix. Yeeha. The mp3 was 72:41 long and contained around 30 tracks hehe. Oh well haha im too lazy to do anythin again wahaha. I guess I'll study ( yeah right)

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