Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Glacial Love

Tuesday, no tests today but went to the school...

Was in Ateneo at around 8:30. We had practice at 8:00am so I thought that I was already late, turns out I was early hehe. Oh well

Then saw Khristian and Hans, talked to them for a while and told them that I would go to the rsf to print some paper. I just told them to text when they already need me.

something happend in the rsf:

I had to print 4 pages of stuff for english (4 pesos x 4 pages = P16.00).
So I went to the counter to have it printed.
A girl was in front of me also needed to print something.
She was just gonna print 1 page so (4 pesos x 1 page = P4.00).
We both had 20.00 bills.
The man at the counter had no coins for change...

I was waiting for her to finish since she was ahead of me, and was not really aware of the situation. I just remembered the guy at the counter asking me if I had any change and I told him that I had none. Then suddenly he gave the girl some coins but then the girl gave it back and muttering something and then turned and went away. I, not really paying any attention, gave my twenty peso bill. The money was returned to me... The girl had already payed for my paper.

So, I went back to the computer station to get my bag and then met the gal on the way (her computer station was behind the one I was using). So then i stuttered and said thanks. And she replied no problem... But now that I think about it, I should have been the one who treated her. I mean, she treated me P16.00 it's not really the amount but the thought that If I was the one who treated her I wouldnt really lose that much (P4.00). And also the fact that I was the guy hehehe, now maybe its just male pride or sumthin but then I dunno ahaha, It doenst seem right. haha oh well... the only thing I can think of is that maybe if I had been aware of the situation I would have actually treated the girl but oh well hehe..

The thing is, I cant really remember her face. Things that I remember about her was wearing white, taller than me, was chinita, and was talking something about french class finals ahaha. Now Im not really sure about the details, damn.

I do hope to meet her again. I want to thank her, maybe even pay her back (hehe).I guess Im gonna make this my "pet project". I would make it a goal to meet her. Daymn! I really want to meet her again. (haha did i mention she was cute?)

Anywayz, Thanks Ms.! You showed me that there are still kind people in this world. Hehe Kind people who would be willing to treat people that they do not even know.

To all those reading this blog, If you think you know, or have any idea on who that mystery girl is, please contact me. (^.^=)

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