Wednesday, October 27, 2004

School Stuff

Had to wake up early for my registration thingies...

I Guess Im quite lucky that My Random Number's 140, I had a pretty good chance of getting the classes that I wanted.

My Choices were:
Nat Sci - ES same sched as last nat sci
Pe - Pe 101 (para matapos na) 2:00 to 3:00
NSTP - Community Service thingie

And then I headed to the Bech to pay. Some trouble though, I darkened the number that I wrote on the check and it appeared like it was a "slight alteration" as the cashier put it hehe.So I had to call my mom to clear things up with the bank.

I waited for Pat outside the Avr. Funny thing was when I told him about the slight alteration thingie he told me that It happened to him as well ahaha. Anywayz we headed to Kotska to have our Id's validated. Damn I thought it was some hi-tech stuff turns out they'll just replace the stickers ahaha.

Then went to kotska to pay for my acp hehe. Saw Jess on the way out of it and he offered to drive to mini stop hehe. and then took a ride home.

All in all the reg/enlistment/payment thingie took about 2 hours hehe. Kinda fast considering some schools takes a whole day to finish :)

I didnt stay at home for long though. I went to ali mall to check on the green green cd's. WEll they had a replacement pero double episodes pa rin so No use ahaha damn.

WEnt to that pirated cd store and bought a rnb collection music cd (saves the time i use for downloading stuff) and a King Arthur video (in case i get Bored ahaha).

Now I'm converting the bit rate of my Mp3's, Im converting them to 112kbps, It's not really the standard kbps but it saves me some disk space. ;)

Oh and I learned One thing today:
Don't eat 16 pieces of chocnut (the bigger sized one) and drink 4 glasses of coke for lunch, it kinda upsets your stomach.

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